Connecting you to GPL-licensed MMO games and software.

Hello. Welcome to CodeSync.org

by Sean Stafford

Let me first start with explaining the purpose of CodeSync.org:

The purpose of this website is to promote, consolidate, and reward projects and individual game/software developers which decide to affix a GNU General Public License to their code.

This site provides two non-discriminating lists of GPL-licensed material, one for MMO games and another for game development software.

"What does MMO stand for?"

MMO stands for Mass-Multiplayer Online.

You might ask, "Why only MMO games?"

Simply put, they are the most time consuming of all games to make, generally require the largest teams, and must be maintained when they are finished.

MMOs are also rather expensive to make under a GPL license, because many developers and administrators make little to no money off of the games which they host. The people who devote themselves to such a task deserve some extra recognition in my opinion.

Additionally, in order to make it worth their time and money to keep their game servers online, they need a good amount of players on them and generally don't have the money for advertisement campaigns in contrast to their proprietary counterparts.

There are many GPL-licensed games out there that are fantastic but will not fit my criteria for MMO and they simply won't be mentioned in the list. If you know a game that fits my criteria and is not on the list already, please let me know through email. My email address is located on the 'About Me' page.